First in Quality in Bristol Bay


Leader Creek Fisheries began operations in 1999 with one goal in mind - to produce the highest quality Bristol Bay Sockeye fillets, period.  Leader Creek has been first in quality and innovation and our fishermen are the best in the Bay.  Our fleet paved the way for quality and best handling practices.  It's no secret that we were the first, and remain the only, 100% refrigerated fleet.  This is how we've been able to consistently produce the best fillets in Bristol Bay.  Our fishermen understand what it takes to deliver the highest quality fish and they adhere to the highest quality handling practices from the point of harvest to the point of off-load.  From there, we process these beautiful sockeye salmon using state of the art filleting, freezing and packaging equipment.

We are a relatively small processor in Bristol Bay and we like it that way.  Twenty years ago, we made a commitment to Bristol Bay - our fishermen, our crew and our customers - that we would continue to enhance quality year after year, treat our fleet and our crew like family and deliver, hands down, the best sockeye fillets in Alaska to every one of our customers - big or small.  Leader Creek has always been, and will always be, first in quality in Bristol Bay.