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About Leader Creek

Leader Creek Fisheries began operations in 1999 with one goal in mind - to produce the highest quality Bristol Bay Sockeye fillets, period.  Leader Creek has been first in quality and innovation and our fishermen are the best in the Bay.  Our fleet paved the way for quality and best handling practices.  It's no secret that we were the first, and remain the only, 100% refrigerated fleet.  This is how we've been able to consistently produce the best fillets in Bristol Bay.  Our fishermen understand what it takes to deliver the highest quality fish and they adhere to the highest quality handling practices from the point of harvest to the point of off-load.  From there, we process these beautiful sockeye salmon using state of the art filleting, freezing and packaging equipment.  


Join our crew

Every year we hire over 400 people to come join our crew for the Bristol Bay salmon season.  If you're ready to join our team for a summer adventure like no other, you can learn more here.


Our Fleet is family


Our fleet

Our fishermen are some of the hardest working men and women around.  Leader Creek's fleet has led the way in quality in Bristol Bay as the first, and only, 100% refrigerated fleet in the Bay.  Our fishermen take pride in what they do and it shows in every fish that makes its way from their boat to your table.  Many of our fishermen have been a part of Leader Creek since the beginning and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Each and every boat is a small business, often a family business, and here at Leader Creek, we treat our fishermen like family - because they are.

Visit our fleet page to learn more about this unique way of life and the hard working men an women that are a part of this remarkable fishery, and a part of the Leader Creek family.


Meet the Fleet

Meet fisherman/photographer Alana Kansaku-Sarmiento, and check out her work from the 2018 Bristol Bay Salmon Season on Our Fleet page.




Our Fish

Leader Creek prides itself on producing the highest quality sockeye salmon fillets in Bristol Bay.  We've been producing beautiful fillets for 20 years.  Our history of high quality processing goes right back to the very beginning when Leader Creek was literally built for quality.  We didn't build a cannery, we built a plant with state of the art equipment for filleting, freezing and packaging.  We have never canned fish; we have always focused on providing premium fresh, and fresh-frozen, fillets.  Our fishermen employ some of the highest quality handling standards in the state, carefully hand harvesting each and every fish that comes on board.  We love what we do and it shows.  Leader Creek was built for the love of salmon.


Nom Nom Nom

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is wild, sustainable and harvested by small boat fishermen.  It's also wildly delicious.  Check out these recipes from Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon.


The love runs deep

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We love bristol bay

For more than a decade the people of Bristol Bay, and the people that love Bristol Bay, have been tirelessly working to protect this amazing resource from the threat of large scale mining in the Bristol Bay watershed.  The Bristol Bay commercial fishery began over 100 years ago and today Bristol Bay alone produces 40% of the global sockeye supply.  The salmon of Bristol Bay literally feed the world.  But Bristol Bay is not just a commercial fishery.  It's home.  It's a watershed that has sustained the native people of this region for generations upon generations (upon generations).  The fish in these waters run thick and the love for these salmon run deep.  Save Bristol Bay.


Save Bristol Bay