Our fleet is family

Rainy Day - Kai Raymond

Our fishermen are some of the hardest working men and women around.  Leader Creek's fleet has led the way in quality in Bristol Bay as the first, and only, 100% refrigerated fleet in the Bay.  Our fishermen take pride in what they do and it shows in every fish that makes its way from their boat to your table.  Many of our fishermen have been a part of Leader Creek since the beginning and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Each and every boat is a small business, often a family business, and here at Leader Creek, we treat our fishermen like family - because they are. 


Meet Fisherman/Photographer Alana Kansaku-Sarmiento

Alana is a Hawaii native, current Oregon resident, and will be fishing Bristol Bay for her 5th season in 2019. Over the past several seasons she has fished on the F/V Sea King and is now a deckhand on the F/V Marion Ruth, both members of Leader Creek's Bristol Bay fleet.

Alana has been a journalist, a nanny, a construction worker, and a food service employee, but few things bring her more joy than picking fish and taking photos of others in action, ideally doing the things that bring them joy as well. During the off-season she spends time riding bikes, building her business as a birth photographer and daydreaming about gillnetting.

Featured here are a collection of her photos from the 2018 Bristol Bay salmon season. You can see more of her work at alanaKSphoto.com.

Meet Fisherman/Filmmaker Elijah Lawson

Fisherman and filmmaker, Elijah Lawson, owns and operates the F/V Marion Ruth. A long time Bristol Bay fisherman, Elijah created this 17 minute film, In the Same Boat, to share the experience of Bristol Bay with viewers and bring attention to a region that not only sustains thousands of fishermen and small businesses, but also the world’s largest remaining wild salmon run.

Also from Elijah, this short compilation of brief moments with fishermen was created from footage that was taken during the making of In the Same Boat. In just 60 seconds, I Fish Because will leave you feeling the allure of this place that we call home every salmon season. There is no doubt that Bristol Bay is a special place; and fishermen return year after year, all for the same reason.